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Machine -  Rocket Appartamento - White
Machine - Rocket Appartamento - White
The Appartamento is a heat exchange espresso machine from Rocket Espresso with an E-61 brew-group made of chrome plated brass to ensure proper heat stability
Technical specs:o Boiler size: 1.8L Heat Exchanger type..o Brewing Head type Faema E61, in chrome platted copper.o Vibration pump.o Gauge for boiler pressure.o Reservoir Capacity: 2.5Lo Power : 1200 Wo Dimensions (mm): 274W x 360D x 425Ho Weight: 20.0 kg 
£ 28600
Machine - QuickMill Pegaso 03035
Machine - QuickMill Pegaso 03035
Very similar to the QuickMill Orione except that the Pegaso has a built-in grinder, which is convenient if you are requiring 1 machine for all. The features of both are as follows; (Thermo block) Which makes it ready in less than 5 minutes

Technical specs: Thermoblock BoilerAluminium group head 58 mm.Automatic grinding dose for pre-set shot.Built-in coffee tamper. Single and double coffee baskets.Wand for steam and hot water. Water tank is 1.5 L.The heating coil is 1200W Weight 12.7 kg
£ 19760
Coffee Machine - Rocket Giotto Type V
Coffee Machine - Rocket Giotto Type V
Giotto Evoluzione V is a heat exchange espresso machine, the boiler is insulated to keep the heat and avoid machine body getting hot, Giotto Evoluzione has 2 pressure gauge one for boiler pressure and the other for brewing pressure.Comes with a vibrational pump
Technical specs:o Boiler size: 1.8L Insulated Heat Exchanger type..o Brewing Head type E61o Vibration pump.o Gauges for boiler & pump pressure.o Programmable digital brewing temperature.o Reservoir Capacity: 2.5Lo Power : 1200 Wo Dimensions (mm): 335W x 420D x 400Ho Weight: 23.0 kg 
£ 33000
Grinders - Eureka Mignon Perfetto - Chrome
Grinders - Eureka Mignon Perfetto - Chrome
Programmable Dosing: Digital preset for single and double shots Stepless Adjustment: The micrometrical adjustment knob allows for easy and precise infinite grind settings. Removable Bean Hopper :The bean hopper holds 300 g of beans and includes a gate that can be closed when removing to prevent bean spills. Heavy Duty Construction: The Mignon is built like a tank to withstand heavy use.Quiet - At only 73 Decibels the Mignon is quieter than most other grindersDimensions: Width: 114 mm Depth: 178 mm Height : 330 mm Power : 260 WattsCase Material: Aluminum/ChromeBean Hopper Capacity : 300 g Dosing Options: Programmable Dosing Functionality  Grinder Style: Burr - Flat Steel, 50 mmWeight: 5.6kg
£ 16530
EP Reusable Coffee Capsule x2
EP Reusable Coffee Capsule x2
Espresso Perfetto Reusable Pods
Patented Refillable Capsule System
Do you want to save some extra cash and enjoy your own beloved coffee with your machine? 
With Espresso Perfetto, you can! EP pod is a patented reusable capsule system for OriginalLine machines
EP pod's patented design works safely with most OriginalLine machines, EP pod capsules are slightly shorter than the typical prefilled capsules. This protects your machine by avoiding the damages of the Blade Plate, 
Our espresso lids are in special aluminium foil, This patented design allows pressure to build up inside the capsule during brewing.
The result? Great Crema with Infinite choices of Different Espressos!
Cheaper than the Disposable prefilled Pods
If you drink espresso multiple times daily, you want a refillable pod that's easy to use and saves money. We think you'll be pleased with EP pod's.
For less than a prefilled pack of capsules (50 count) costs, you can have capsules that will last a lifetime & Use your own coffee.
EP pod's comes with capsule & easy-to-use lids. 
Features & Details
• Reusable, refillable EP pod's compatible with most OriginalLine coffee pod machines. Capsules are in food grade stainless steel.
• Adhesive Free, EP pods lids are plain aluminium, no adhesive or sealants used which eventually leak traces to your cup of coffee during brewing!
• Environmentally-friendly stainless steel EP pod's capsules will last a lifetime. Our food-grade lids are recyclable. Now you can enjoy your coffee without feeling guilty about the environmental impact of disposable capsules. And you'll still enjoy the convenience of your machine.
• Safe for your body: Plastic free, EP pods has no plastic parts, Don’t brew espresso through hot plastic! Use the safe stainless steel capsules. 
• EP pod's refillable capsules will not absorb the taste or color of different espresso blends.
• Patented design is perfectly safe to use with your machine when used as directed.
• BPA Free.
Instructions For Use
1. EP pod's refillable capsules internal surfaces are specially treated for easy release of coffee pucks after use, just with a light knocking on the bottom with any wooden object will simply empty the capsule.
2. The EP capsule is supplied with plenty of Aluminium lids, specially designed for ease of use and protection of the capsule gasket for a longer life as well as protecting your machine.Never use cheaper Aluminium lids, it will slowly damage the machine and gaskets.
3. During the closing of the machine latch, it might feel a bit harder than usual, this is very normal, the EP capsule height is slightly shorter than standard, this is to protect the machine piercing spikes which will not touch the capsule bottom, EP capsule does not need the piercing function. 
4. Use coffee from EP that is specifically ground for the capsules , the capsules needs coarser grinding than traditional espresso machines.Use the spoon bottom for very light tamping after filling, the capsule should be full to the top.If the flow during brewing is dripping or blocked, this means grinding is too fine or tamping was too hard.
5. Use 2 capsules simultaneously for a double shot, the EP capsule is designed to accommodate 5.5 g of coffee, and this quantity is for a single shot.6.  The EP capsule is made of the best quality stainless steel used for food and pharmaceuticals, it does not stain, rust or react with the coffee and will last for very long time.
Product information
Package Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.2 x 1.7 inchesItem Weight: 1.6 ouncesShipping Weight: 3.2 ouncesManufacturer: Espresso Perfetto Egypt 
£ 1 414
Coffee Beans - EP Arabica 1 Kg
Coffee Beans - EP Arabica 1 Kg

Espresso Perfetto 100% ArabicaThe black pack from Espresso Perfetto!This blend is a 100% Arabica of different origins of the best quality beans, with intense flavor and strong aroma to brew a full body and smooth espresso and other coffee drinks, a must have at home for genuine coffee lovers.Suitable for all professional and automatic machines.Italian originVented 1 kg package.
£ 675