Coffee Beans - Ep Bar 1 kg

Coffee Beans - Ep Bar 1 kg


Our coffee beans are roasted with the experience of traditional Italian and INEI (Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano) certified roasting masters. With expertise, a sense of tradition and the greatest passion, we create our own house blends with a wide variety of nuances. Try our variations with dark, full-bodied aromas, subtle fruity nuances or flavours of fine grain and roasted oats. We are also happy to offer you our Espresso Perfetto organic coffee. It consists of 100% selected Arabica beans. They grow into high-quality raw materials without the use of fertilisers and pesticides in accordance with EU organic regulations. Fact is: we love coffee in all its variations and are convinced that you will too! With Portafilter machines, fully automatic machines or espresso makers, your caffeinated hot drinks are also perfect at home. Our tip: Grind the coffee beans fresh before preparation so that no aroma is lost.

Espresso Perfetto Bar

60 % exquisite Arabica and 40 % noble Canephora beans (Robusta) make this blend a real taste experience. Lovers of typical northern Italian espresso will love this blend. Here, the mild, flowery bouquet of the Arabica meets the slightly earthy, bitter Robusta, characterised by chocolate and caramel. Pure Italy!

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