Machine - QuickMill Espresso Perfetto Emilia 0985 PID

Machine - QuickMill Espresso Perfetto Emilia 0985 PID

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QuickMill Emilia by Espresso Perfetto is the perfect choice for demanding coffee lovers, designed to provide excellent and consistent performance at all times. 

Emilia is built in rigid stainless steel body and equipped with a silent rotary pump, a single boiler and heat exchanger system for maintaining stable temperature and pressure during the shot.

The group head is Faema E61 and the machine is equipped with temperature programming PID unit and a shot time counter.

Both boiler and pump pressures are monitored by 2 separate gauges

Technical specs:

o Boiler size: 1.8L insulated stainless steel boiler with PID control

o Brewing Head type Faema E61, in chrome platted copper.

o Rotational pump.

o Gauge for boiler pressure.

o Reservoir Capacity: 3.1L

o Power : 1500 W

o Dimensions (mm): 308W x 481D x 387H

o Weight: 24.0 kg 

108,000 LE