Machine - QuickMill Espresso Perfetto Naz 0981

Machine - QuickMill Espresso Perfetto Naz 0981

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The most versatile QuickMill Naz with the right balance of performance, consumption, and size that will give you great satisfaction every day. QuickMill Naz can offer you a perfect extraction and a great milk frothing, both with the HX heat exchanger, which is very versatile and powerful for heavy use.

Naz is equipped with a poweful vibration pump, and has a factory preset temperature adjustment for consistent brewing.

Technical Features 

o Boiler size: 1.8L insulated.

o E61 Brewing group head. 58 mm

o Vibration pump.

o Manometer Gauges for boiler and pump pressure.

o Reservoir Capacity: 2.5 L

o Power : 1500 W

o Dimensions (mm): 272 W x 481 D x 354 H

o Weight: 18.0 kg

98,325 LE